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Swirl marks – what, how, why and what can you do about them?

The majority of cars on the road will have swirl marks, sometimes hidden but sometimes very clear to see, usually on darker coloured cards because they reflect the light. Most people think that it’s part and parcel of cleaning a car for yourself at home and it’s inevitable. But it really isn’t and there are a few steps that you can take to greatly improve the presence of swirl marks and ensure that they don’t get a bad in the future.

Firstly, let’s look at what they are. Essentially a swirl mark is a very fine scratch on the paint’s surface. Swirl marks cut into a car’s paint coat, removing the colour, and allowing light to reflect off the scratch which is how we notice them.

So what causes them?

The most common cause is an inappropriate or incorrectly prepared washing and drying tools. The condition of your tools can be an issue such as a dirty chamois or a dusty towel. The materials can also cause a problem if they contain too much polyester content for example as this is too harsh for the car’s paint. Automated car washes are also a massive culprit for swirl mark, they may be very convenient, but you’ll pay for it afterwards! Some polish and paint products can also be too harsh so it’s always best to seek advise from an experienced detailer before using anything.

What can be done?

Swirl marks are a very normal occurrence on a car, and whilst there is always a small chance that they can appear, making sure that you use the right treatments, products and materials when looking after your car exterior will be a massive help.

WMCD services to help. We can provide full after card advice to make sure you can keep those swirl marks away!