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We recently Had the pleasure of working on this lovely Porsche 911 991 GTS PDK

The 911 received the Full Gtechinq treatment
List of treatment:
The 911 received the full decontamination,
3 bucket safe wash process using grit guards,
pH neutral shampoo with deionised water (DI System) used
Snow foam applied and rinsed
Wheels cleaned using non-acidic cleaner
De-greaser applied to bodywork
Door shuts, petrol flap, arches and lower sections deep cleaned
Exhaust tips hand clean
Full clay bar treatment to bodywork to remove bonded surfaced contaminates
Bodywork and wheels air-dried, non-contact drying system
Minor Paint correction remove swirl marks and a dealer markin by machine polishing process,
using a medium cutting compound to remove deeper swirls and light scratches. This is then finished off with fine finishing compound. This service offers a noticeable difference and achieving higher gloss levels

Gtechinq Ceramic coating offering the ultimate protection to the vehicles bodywork, Best resistance for swirl marking and bird droppings, Improves Gloss levels, Water and dirt repellency, Significantly easier to keep clean
Gtechinq Alloy wheel protection – preventing brake dust buildup.
Gtechinq Clear vision to help visibility in rainy conditions.
Give your car the protection it deserves.