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We recently had the pleasure of providing a Protection Detail on this stunning Huracan – We offer this as a 1 Day Service, starting from £225.00.


·3 bucket safe wash process using grit guards,

·pH neutral shampoo with deionised water (DI System) used

·Snow foam applied and rinsed

·Wheels cleaned using non-acidic cleaner

·De-greaser applied to bodywork

·Door shuts, petrol flap, arches and lower sections deep cleaned

·Exhaust tips hand cleaned

·Full clay bar treatment to bodywork to remove bonded surfaced contaminates

·Bodywork and wheels air-dried, non-contact drying system

·Bodywork treated with glaze to remove the appearance of swirls/holograms

·Plastics treated

·Glass is cleaned inside & out

·Interior vacuumed & dusted

·Tyres dressed

·Finished with carnauba wax to bodywork & wheels