ston Martin in for major paint correction
Upon delivery of the vehicle the car
Day 1
The car was inspected, the customer explained that the car had had a restoration a few years prior,
The car was undergoing a full decontamination of the exterior of the paintwork,
The call exterior deep clean began as part of the exterior deep clean the car was open to going through a safe wash process this included glue tile remover all-purpose cleaner Claybar
once all of this work was completed
the Aston received all-purpose cleaner glue and tile remover, to all of the external areas

Once this work could be completed the car was brought inside dried off, and inspected under the light, there was extensive swirl marks throughout the paintwork and a good proportion of deeper scratches, one of the areas highlighted by the customer was the roof was particularly bad,

After further investigation extensive bird etchings on the bonnet, this has been caused by bird droppings have been left on paintwork for a long duration of time, and the acid eats away into the paintwork,

the vehicle and the overall very good condition there was a number of conversations between myself and the customer discussing the fours and against of a full correction and wet sanding, and my concern if we did not wet sand the bonnet we would not be able to remove these extensive defects in the paint, and the defects would stand out like a sore thumb if you went with a two stage or three stage machine polish,

We decided that a two stage on the majority of the body work would be appropriate , then bonnet wings and bumper undergo a wet sanding process, then the rest of the vehicle had a 2/3 stage machine polish to blend and get the best value for the customer, although the Internet might disagree with this method, this is achievable in some cases where you could do a heavier correction, i.e. for correction or wet sand and then blend this out, this is a case by case basis, but we were able to offer this to Bring Best value to our customer, we are at West Midlands car detailing pride ourselves on being fair, we advised the customer what the vehicle needs.

So we Tape up the whole car, and mask up alloy wheels, ready for the machine polishing work to commence

Day 2
Straight in there with wet standing on the bonnet, after taking paint thickness gauges with the small isolated areas, measured after we had wet sanded to monitor the thickness, and make sure that we were using the correct level of court, not to go too aggressively and eat into the pines fitness, this is a very slow process, but using methodical methods we can achieve the desired result,
After the front end had been wet sanded, we then started to machine polish using a less aggressive than wet sand to go up the stage,
Every panel undergo a cut using a cutting compound and a cutting pad on a machine polishing using a jewel action Rupes machine polisher
This was a very challenging project

Once the cutting procedure had finished, the paint work was machine polished with a lighter polish and softer pad, to remove those lighter swell marks and boost gloss levels

day 3
work undergo final inspection, there were a couple of areas mainly on the Frount bumper were not happy so this had a final pass on the machine polishing, for refinement
(re-polishing this with a very soft pad and refining polish)
The Aston was finished and protected with Swiss VAX best of show, offering excellent durability and incredible gloss levels, letting the cars paint breathe through this organic product,

The alloy wheels were protected with gtechniq ceramic coating wheel armour, ceramic coating

At the end of the job, the car really did look stunning, , and then arrange to pick the customer up from the train station at a convenient time, and then bring them back to pick up the car from the secure location
The customer was very happy with the end result