Protecting your new pride & joy

Whether you have just purchased a new car, or looking for the ultimate protection for your pride and joy, We offer the Ultimate protection system using the ceramic coating total surface protection pack, This covering paintwork, Glass, interior, Wheels,brakes and Exhaust. Giving you peace of mind your vehicle is covered, with the most durable protection system on the market.

We have various packages are available to suit all budgets and requirements. 

 Nano coating offering 6 month protection

 Ceramic coating offering 12 months protection 

Ceramic coating offering 3 year protection

Ceramic coating offering 5 year protection

Prices start from £295

1-2 Days depending on the size and condition of the vehicle

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Below is a list of the work that would be carried out: 

- High pressure pre wash
- High pressure Snow foam treatment PH neutral
- 3 bucket method Safe wash 
- Door shuts, sills, fuel filler cap decontaminated
- Detail clean wheels and arches cleaning to remove brake dust and road grime
- Iron and other metallic fallout will be removed using specialist PH neutral products
- Safe removals of contaminants road traffic film, Tar, Bird droppings, tree sap
- Hand dried using plush microfiber drying towels
- Car will be clay bar to remove any remaining decontaminants
- Digital paint depth gauge will be used to inspect paint condition
- Signal stage machine polish removing light swirl marks and minor scratches
- Wheels sealed
- Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned condition and protected
- Exhaust tailpipes polished
- All glass and mirrors decontaminated and polished
- Swiss Vax Best of show wax use or can be upgraded to ceramic coatings (Swiss Vax Best of show 5-6 months depending on vehicle usage and mileage)
- Interior cleaned, all the fabrics carpets plastics will be dressed
- Interior treatment Gtechinq range for leather or fabrics to finish and sealed 

Extras Available:
Gtechinq Nano coating offering 6 month protection

Gtechinq Ceramic coating offering 12 months protection 

Gtechinq Ceramic coating offering 3 year protection

Gtechinq Ceramic coating offering 5 year protection


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Based in the heart of the West Midlands, 

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